Our Long Way Towards a Cow

It was after our very successful presentation organised by Unlimited Tamil Nadu on 7th March that we first saw the possibility of purchasing a cow and making our dream of starting a dairy farm at Sristi Village! The CEO of Gram Suchana, Kumar Ramachandra was interested in donating 100.000 Rupies, so we were supposed to give him a concept of what to do with the money. We choose to present our idea of buying cows to increase the level of self-sustainability of our society (since we need milk, to drink our chai! :D) and give our people a new opportunity to learn new skills, this time in the care of animals.

From this moment onwards we started to look for cows. They shouldn’t be too expensive since we had only a limited budget and wanted to get as many cows as possible, but they also shouldn’t be to old and so on.

All our members tried to help to find cows, we asked all our connections but still, it was a hard job to do.

But in the end, we were successful! Now, our Sristi Foundation is the home of two beautiful cows, Nisha and her baby daughter Lakshmi.