If you have the desire to do social service and are looking for a mission to enrich you, we have our arms wide open. We are always looking for people who are willing to invest their time and energy in developing projects like ours or to donate to help us continue our mission.
See below for how you can help and contact us.

Volunteer or Intern


Volunteers have been a very important part of Sristi since we started. There are a number of ways people can help Sristi foundation. If you’re interested click the volunteer button!
  1. Volunteer your professional time – we have professional volunteers (accountants and consultants) who help us with things such as our finances, project management and other administration
  2. Volunteer on the farm / in the school – we have people from all over the world who live and work on our farm or in our school
  3. Help fundraise – we have a small group of people who help tell our story to their friends and networks and raise funds

Donation Support

We are working hard to develop Sristi Village into a hub of sustainable projects to provide a better life for our community members. While we work hard to be self sustaining new projects and running the village comes with financial costs which people all over the world are kind enough to help us fund.

If you wish to help fund our running costs on an existing project or sponsor an upcoming project please click the button below!

If you would like to hear more about, or suggest, an upcoming project please contact us.


Refer Us

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Here at Sristi we know that partnership and visibility is key to obtaining our vision. Whether it’s funding, knowledge sharing, implantation assistance or anything else.

From foundations, to corporations to individuals we’re pleased and privileged to have partnered with many organisations.

If you know of an organisation who you think should know about us / we could partner with please let them know!

Contact Us / Visit Us

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