In our early days, back in 2013, the land at Sristi was dry and infertile. Over time, efforts of rain water harvesting, and permaculture improved the soil’s fertility, resulting in successful cultivation of numerous fruits and vegetables. Our members and volunteers are involved in developing several eco-friendly projects.

Integrated Farm

On a farm land of 1.5 acres, we run several projects that provide our community with food. We aim to be self-sustained through these initiatives.

Organic Vegetable Production

boy holding is arms wide

Pretty much everyone at Sristi is occupied in the cultivation of a variety of vegetables and fruits on our farm. Cultivation of organic food is a part of the school student’s curriculum as well as the member’s training program. Our methods are organic, so we ensure we grow healthy vegetables & fruits.

Dairy Farming

We have built an in-house Dairy Farm, the milk from which is used for internal consumption by our community members. We plan to expand the animal husbandry unit to initiate dairy sale in the future.

Poultry Farming

We have constructed a semi-open shed to accommodate over 200 farm chickens, that will provide eggs for our community members.



The village hosts a little nursery on the farm that proudly hosts saplings of baby tomatoes, chillies, aubergine, turmeric and a few herbs. Our nursery also functions as a Seed bank from time to time.

Tree plantation – Food Forest


Two acres of our land is dedicated to grow a massive amount of fruit trees for our community. A fruit platter adds diversity, the required nutrition and some colours to the daily meal. Additionally, tree planting has the potential to curb environmental degradation, reverse the loss of soil fertility and add to the bio-diversity. This project is currently on-going.


people farming

Inspired by Subhash Palekar’s 5-layer farming model, we are replicating the architecture of a forest on our land, where the trees form a canopy to protect other trees. The Agro forest will host bananas, papayas, jack-fruits, mangoes and other smaller plants such as onions.

At Sristi, we are creating an inclusive community of change -makers for sustainable environmental action.