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We are a non-profit organisation based in rural Tamil Nadu, India that works towards improving the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We use a combination of education, life skills training and agriculture to help people who are faced with exclusion, neglect and many disadvantages that limits their effective participation in main stream society.
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Karthik doing a Ted talkSristi Foundation was founded in 2013 by Mr. Karthikeyan Ganesan, a psychologist who spent 15+ years working with children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Karthik grew up in an orphanage that treated all children, disabled or not, equally. However, his disabled siblings faced discrimination in mainstream life. Therefore, after his studies, he returned to the orphanage to help make a difference.

While working at the orphanage he learnt that there are 1.6 million persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in India (Census 2011) with about 75% living in rural areas. With a low employment rate and higher living expenses they are one of the most impoverished groups in India. Whilst trying to help, the Indian system favours an institutional model – segregating and separating them from society, trapping them in a monotonous, sad and often abusive cycle.

It became Karthik’s mission to change this, and so, Sristi Foundation was born. You can read more about Karthik and watch his TED Talk here.


An inclusive society where all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are respected, valued and have choices to lead a holistic and dignified life. We believe in an inclusive and eco-responsible world, where everyone is given the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of disability, race, gender, etc.


Enable persons with disabilities and other marginalized groups to live as independently and as fully as possible through economic and social empowerment.

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At Sristi, we empower our members with training and skills that will enable them to lead a more dependent and dignified life. Our methodology combines education, life skills training and agriculture.

On an 8.93-acres of land we have created an inclusive and holistic environment that we lovingly call Sristi Village. Sristi Foundation runs 3 pioneer projects: Sristi Village, Sristi Special School and Sristi Farm Academy as well as further community support and environmental projects.

Through these projects marginalised individuals are given the opportunity to learn, grow and become independent whilst being provided with nutritious food, shelter and a loving & supportive environment.

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