Impact Story

Initiated by 12 of our disabled community members, one of our most esteemed initiatives has been the launch of our agro-venture called ‘Thulir’ (in Tamil it means the first leaf of a plant). The team has produced a variety of vegetables already like Okra, variety of Gourds, Spinach, Cluster beans, Drumstick, Watermelon, Turmeric among other herbs. We provide the team with all the support they need to spearhead their very own venture into the trades of the main-stream society.
The mechanics of the venture works in a way that once the land reaps the harvest, Sristi village buys the stock from ‘Thulir’ itself, making us their first client. We are confident this initiative will instil immense self-belief in our community members and prepare them to be a part of the main-stream society in the future.